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Bellerin is desperately lobbying, begging the gun to be sold at a sale price.

Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin does not want to return to excess at the Emirates Stadium. After his loan at Real Beti expires at the end of this season. Ready to do whatever it takes to lobby for Technical Director Edu Gaspar to offer a reasonable price for the top team in Andalusia to pay.

According to ‘ Estadio Deportivo ‘ Bellerin has been outstanding for Betis. Make 31 appearances in all competitions, providing five assists. Contributed to the team to still have a chance to win the area of ​​​​CCP to the final match. Even if the chance is small. But UFABET above that is the Copa del Rey champion.  

So the 27 -year -old fashion mogul wants to settle down in southern Spain. With the buy option that Manuel Pellegrini ‘s team are holding. It doesn’t matter that former club Barcelona are also side-by-side asking to see the situation.  

Bellerin ‘s contract remains with Arsenal until June 2023 , with an appraised value of 20 million euros ( about £ 17.1 million ). Which is still too high for Betis. So the player and his agent are ready to find a way. Let Arsenal be as merciful as possible.  

which may ask to reduce the opening price before the next – second , the form of payment or the amount that is added according to the work option to make the story New love at Eriopolis happy ending