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Robbie Fowler tweet to tease Manchester United of the dream to break up Triple Mickey Mouse.

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler is active on social media. The latest media has captured the hearts of Kop fans even more. When they mocked Manchester United‘s Europa League elimination, saying they couldn’t trace his performance back in 2001.

Twenty-two years ago, Fowler was a member of the Reds’ triumphant UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup treble. But drew criticism from United critics and supporters alike. D’Army’ is only inferior to ‘Triple Champion Mickey Mouse’.

After more than 2 decades. The Red Devils have reduced the ceiling from a superpower. That has won the league championship for 10 years, struggling to build confidence from the football cup champion. Having completed 1 item in the Carabao Cup 2023  UFABET

Which before the Europa League game, the second quarter-final match against Sevilla, they are still considered to have won 3 cup championships, plus the FA Cup that is still on the way 

The Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League should Erik ten Hag’s side achieve the same prestige that Gerard Houllier’s Liverpool set at the start of the Y2K decade. 

But when United defeated Sevilla 0-3, eliminated before the second with a result of 2-5, the status of ‘Triple Champion Mickey Mouse’ must be sterile. 

The owner of the event, Robbie Fowler nicknamed ‘God’, relies on a Chinese proverb to get revenge 10 years late, tweeting a picture of himself lifting the UEFA Cup, flanked by Jamie Redknapp holding the League Cup and Sami Hyypia the trophy. FA Cup with the hottest captions 

“ Triple Mickey Mouse ” via @Robbie9Fowler account Call for likes to reach 15,000 or so.