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Chris Smalling believes victory will influence European games

Roma defender Chris Smalling believes his latest league win will have a positive effect on his next game at the Conference League stage. Rome Wolf open house to win Salernitana 2-1 in Serie A on Sunday, with Giallorossi currently fifth, five points behind fourth-placed and with six

Odegaard says he feels at home with guns right now.

Martin Odegaard, Norwegian footballer Open your heart to be happy with your football life at Arsenal and feel like you are at home. Odegaard was born as a child before joining Real Madrid at the age of 16. But was unable to insert himself into the

Davinson Sanchez determined until he hit three points.

Spurs football team defender Davinson Sanchez has said their side are determined to keep the result. Until they beat Watford 1-0 in stoppage time. The defender who headed the winning goal said “The door is what we are looking for. It’s not just for me, but for

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to report at Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to report at Juventus Despite

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to report at Juventus Despite the news of moving the team continuously. The Portugal international has been given an additional summer break after traveling to help the Foi Thong team at Euro 2020, with the forward heartbroken after being knocked out of the