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Spurs manager reveals he approached Dragusin 2 months before buying

Spurs manager reveals he approached Dragusin 2 months before buying.

Anke Postecoglou, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, clearly reveals that the purchase of Radu Dragusin, The rising star defender from Genoa, has complete successfully. It is a step-by-step operation. and spent 2 months together. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Anke Postecoglou, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, clearly reveals.

That the purchase of Radu Dragusin, the rising star defender from Genoa, has complete successfully. It is a step-by-step operation. and spent 2 months together

Mr. Yai Kai Golden Spur Mentioning the signing of this young Romanian footballer: “Obviously we knew that position (defender) was an important position for us in the January transfer window. We let Davinson Sanchez leave after the window closed. So we know that if the right opportunity comes in January. We need to bring in someone.”

“We do a fair amount. And as we got closer to making a decision about it, Johan (Lunke) and his team did a lot of work behind the scenes. I think he’s a great fit for us. From a football perspective”

“He definitely has great qualities as a young player. and from personal conversations with me He has the right motivations as to why he wants to take the next step and why Tottenham is the right club for him. I think he will fit in well. At the moment we have a few people in his age group on our team. And part of that is hoping that we can build a team that can grow together. And I am sure he will be perfect for that.”

“We have working to find a player for this position since the summer transfer window closed. And there is a list of all the players that we use to work systematically. Most of the work was done by the scouting department and Johan came in as well as Rob McKenzie and the team who worked on the details.”

“The first time they presented to me was probably about six weeks ago.

Since then, Radu has always been on the radar as one of the players we thought he would be. Excellent option for us Then it was about finding out as much information as possible about him. Both as a player and as a person, we spoke to as many people as possible about him. and kept an eye on his playing. Including myself, I have seen his play as well.”

“When we get down to the actual details, I think he is the best option for us. before the market opens We have decided that Radu is our number one target. I like his ability to defend. His physical appearance I think he still has a lot of growth to do. There’s a lot of development in him. He’s only 21 years old and has only been in Serie A for a little over a year, actually. And he fits the profile of the type of player we want here.”

Dragusin, 21, moved from Juventus to play with Genoa this season for a fee of only 5 million euros and made an outstanding performance, scoring 2 goals in 18 appearances in Serie A. Until being praised as a future defender of Romania

Last week, Spurs were able to reach an agreement with Genoa to acquire Dragusin for 25+5 million euros and the player signed a contract with Spurs until 2029. At the same time, Spurs S agree to send Ched Spence, England right-back. Move in the opposite direction to play with Genoa with a loan contract until the end of the season.