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Odegaard says he feels at home with guns right now.

Martin Odegaard, Norwegian footballer Open your heart to be happy with your football life at Arsenal and feel like you are at home.

Odegaard was born as a child before joining Real Madrid at the age of 16. But was unable to insert himself into the first team and was loaned to several teams. Including Heerenveen, Vite. Arnhem, Real Sociedad and Arsenal last season before leaving this season.

The 23-year-old has continued UFABET to be a success at Arsenal this season. And recently netted in the 3-2 win over Watford in their latest Premier League game to move the team up. Successfully placed in the top four. 

Odegaard, who has scored five goals this season, opened up: “I feel at home right now. I have the time to settle down.” 

“Over the past five years. I’ve had to move to a number of different teams. Because I’ve been on loan here and elsewhere. So now I finally felt the stability and calm I needed. I’m very happy.

He started playing for Stems Gudset First came on 13 April 2014, becoming the youngest player to play in Tippelin and became the youngest goalscorer on 16 May against Sarp. after starting with the club in the first season He was signed with Real Madrid in January 2015 following his dream of playing for a big team.  He played for the reserve team Real Madrid Castilla. On 23 May 2015 he became the youngest player to make his Real Madrid debut