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Ramsdale the leader of Arsenal urged his friends to concentrate on the game. 

Aaron Ramsdale the leader of Arsenal’s defense, urged his friends to concentrate on the game. Southampton (April 21). The best if still hoping for the English Premier League title. When at this time it is still the leader of the crowd and has a reasonable second lead. Destiny can also predetermine

The Gunners are only four points ahead of second-placed Manchester City after two stumbles in a row. Plus more than 1 game. So the opening of the Emirates Stadium meets ‘Saints’, the southern ball must win only if hoping to win the league. 

The pressure on the London Colney Training Center is a challenge for the 24-carat goofy. Both pointing out to the companions. UFABET That just playing to win every remaining game will unlock the number #1. country again since 2004. 

“Compared between playing a team that escapes relegation and a team that wins the championship. Probably the latter,” he told Sky Sports when he compared his time at Sheffield United to Arsenal today.

“The pressure I faced was completely different from the pressure. I felt before – personally it was a more enjoyable pressure.” 

“The title race is still in our hands, even though the 2-2 draw with West Ham looked like a 2 point drop.” 

“Now we see things more clearly. Just have to win the game in hand. It’s up to us. In the end, if you don’t succeed, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.” 

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