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Neymar and Barca have settled their dispute

Neymar and Barca have settled their dispute. Neymar stars Paris Saint-Germain and former club Barcelona in Spain.  They shake hands to agree outside the court to announce that legal disputes are settled.

Neymar and Barca have been in contention for months after the Brazil striker claimed the former club owed around €43.6 million in bonuses. As agreed upon when his contract was extended in 2016. 

Barcelona also sued Neymar for breaching that contract. Before the court ruled that the merit must not pay 43.6 million euros and ordered Neymar to pay back 6.7 million euros to the former team. Until Neymar’s lawyer decided to submit.

But the two sides agreed to an agreement outside the court to settle the legal dispute. With Barcelona in a statement saying: “FC Barcelona announces that it has terminated its trial in labor and other cases against Neymar. R da Silva Santos Junior, Brazilian player.

“Therefore, a transaction agreement between the club and the player has been signed to settle the lawsuit between the parties. These are three claims related to labor and civil cases.”