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Davinson Sanchez determined until he hit three points.

Spurs football team defender Davinson Sanchez has said their side are determined to keep the result. Until they beat Watford 1-0 in stoppage time.

The defender who headed the winning goal said “The door is what we are looking for. It’s not just for me, but for the fans, the team, the results make us happy. I am happy here on the path we are walking.”

“It takes a lot of body to come and play here. They always make it difficult to contend with. But we had the intention from the beginning to drive the results. UFABET

“If we start the game a little faster it will be a different game, like against Crystal Palace in the second half we created a lot of chances. But a little unlucky in the last area, the game against Southampton Before the goal we made the mistake of passing the last ball. Finally we can We are doing a good job moving forward.”

Asked about the medical incident in the crowd that led to the game’s delay prior to the goal in injury time. Davinson Sanchez said: “Hopefully they will resolve the issue. And that person will be in good health and recover with his family.”