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Conceicao complains that ‘Arteta’ insults his family.

Sergio Conceicao, Porto manager, accused rival boss Miguel Arteta of… Use words that disrespect your family. During the attack, Arsenal lost 1-0 before losing 4-2 on penalties. Being eliminated from the round of 16 in the Champions League, the

giant Foi Thong league. Unable to hold the advantage in the first leg, Leandro Trossar equalized in the 41st minute until the end of extra time, becoming the “Cannons” ทางเข้า ufabet who shot the target more accurately and were able to continue in the Big Ear Cup.

After the final whistle, Arteta shook hands with his opponent, as is customary, but Conseição appeared displeased and fought back. And then in the interview Reveal the cause

“During this game, Arteta turned to our bench. and insulted my family in Spanish,” the 49-year-old Portugal head coach said after the match at the Emirates.

“I don’t know if that’s behavior specific to Spanish managers or not, but I told Arteta that people… that he despises Not with us anymore ′′

The truth is Arteta should focus on training his own team. Because of their players There is more than enough quality to show much better form.”

Arteta was asked by the media about the incident as well. But he refused to comment. Meanwhile, sources from Arsenal confirmed. That their manager did not use the words that were accused of using them at all.