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Bruno Fernandes set to become full captain instead of Maguire.

Bruno Fernandes is set to replace Harry Maguire as captain full-time, according to reports in England. Last season, Erik ten Hag confirmed before taking Manchester United to warm up against Liverpool in Thailand. That he trusted Maguire to retain the captaincy as usual.

But during the 2022/23 season, it’s Bruno Fernandes who acts continuously when the 30-year-old defender doesn’t enter the field. 

Recently, The Sun stated that ‘ETH’ is preparing to announce a new captaincy change. With the Portugal international midfielder officially handing over next week.

Maguire’s situation remains uncertain. With reports coming out continuously that. The Red Devils are ready to listen to offers from teams interested in this round of trading markets UFABET

Plus last season, Maguire was a substitute for Raphael Varane and Leesandro Martinez. And Ten Hag also used Victor Lindelof and Luke Shaw when the first two missed the pitch.

England centre-half Maguire revealed via Twitter a few days ago. That he had been stripped of the captaincy following a meeting with Erik ten Hag before the Red Devils later made the announcement.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Manchester United will officially give Fernand the armband instead. As the Portugal international did so in Maguire’s absence last season.